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Best Playtime Activities Ever

How’s your summer going so far?  Running out of ways to fill the hours yet?  Never fear, today I’ve rounded up 10 of my all time favorite MPMK playtime activities.  Click on the links for all the details. (And for extra fun, see if you can tell how old the original post is based on the slowly improving quality of my photography.)


In no particular order, here they are – enjoy!

1. Discovery Bottles

2. Magic Milk Paints

3. Jell-O Playdough

4. Cup Castles (posted on momtastic)

5. Sensory Box

6. Newspaper Forts

7. Edible Finger Painting

8. Water beads

9. Tape Tracks.

10. Paper Cranes

That’s my list.  What are your favorite ways to play?

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