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This Blog is Brought to You By: Vaseline

As I remain confined to bed due to this pesky back injury, I find myself with a little extra time.  Time to do things like watch 17 second commercials sent to me by the people that do such a good job of finding sponsors to keep this blog going.  
You know what I’ve noticed?  Ever since Mad Men entered my life (and especially since I started watching AMC’s reality version The Pitch) I look at commercials totally differently.  I analyze them more and try to get into the head of the ad men (and women) behind them.  I feel like I’ve seen behind the curtain now and I’m part of the club.  
With that in mind, I’d say today’s short and sweet sponsored ad does a good job of engaging the viewer while getting straight to the point.  At least that’s what I think.  What about you?  Do  you appreciate a straight forward approach or do you need to be entertained?


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