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If you’re an MPMK facebook fan then you know the kids were sick last week.  Well, now both my hubby and I are down for the count.  Is there any way to avoid this from happening?  It’s been nearly four years with kids and I’ve yet to find one.

Luckily, Natalie is back today with another easy meal idea with endless possibilities.  These yummy sandwiches are perfect for a quick lunch or a casual summer dinner.  I especially like the idea of letting the littles build their own.  C thinks it’s the coolest thing ever to make his own turkey taco so this is right up his alley.  My guess is our family will be making them all summer long… just as soon as I can lift myself off the couch.


Looking for some lunchtime inspiration?


Summer is a time when many of us are looking to get out of our daily ruts and routines and try something fresh and different. Maybe your kids will only tolerate a few staple lunches and you want to give them some new choices. Or maybe you’re the one who is looking for a change on your lunch plate! It can be hard for parents to get a good, nutritious meal in at lunchtime too – especially with all the craziness of summer schedules.


Don’t just settle for a granola bar, try some of these open-faced sandwiches. I’ve come up with eight combinations to get you started but the possibilities are endless. If you’ve got bread, some kind of spread or cheese, and some produce, you’re on your way to an easy and satisfying lunch. 


If you want to get the kids involved, put out a variety of ingredients and let them build their own sandwiches. You might be surprised with the combinations they choose. And who knows? You could even end up with a new household favorite.


  1. Toasted Sourdough + Salted Butter + Thin Sliced Radishes/Cucumber + Honey + Sea Salt + Pepper
  2. Whole Wheat Bagel + Brie Cheese + Raspberry Jam + Sliced Strawberries
  3. English Muffin + Goat Cheese + Basil Leaves + Roasted Cherry Tomatoes*
  4. Toasted Sourdough + Sliced Turkey + Sliced Feta Cheese + Roasted Red Peppers* + A Few Drops Grapeseed/Olive Oil + Red Pepper Flakes
  5. Whole Wheat Bread + Sunflower Seed Butter (or PB) + Sharp Cheddar Cheese + Apple
  6. Toasted Sourdough + Ricotta Cheese + Olive Oil + Roasted Broccoli* + Sea Salt + Pepper
  7. Whole Wheat Bread + Fresh Mozzarella + Prosciutto + Cantaloupe
  8. English Muffin + Spinach + Sliced Ham + Avocado + Lemon Juice + Salt + Pepper


*To roast these vegetables, toss in some olive oil/salt/pepper and bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes. You can make a big batch of roasted veggies at once and then use them for different lunches throughout the week.


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