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DIY Jewelry

I have something really fun to share today.  It’s the new Styled by Tori Spelling line of DIY jewelry and it’s making the 14 year old me inside squeal with delight.  In a nutshell, the line works by allowing you to buy separate pieces that easily hook together (no tools required) in all sorts of different ways to create some pretty cool costume jewelry.  You can finds lots of great info. on the line at the Styled by Tori Spelling facebook page.
What I love about it is that you can buy a few pieces and continually change your jewelry to match your look or mood.  And remember how I said I’m determined to get my cute back this summer?   Well, Tori kindly offered to become an MPMK sponsor and let me try out some of her stuff so I jumped at the chance.  (Ok, Tori Spelling herself didn’t actually call me up.  More like her people called my people… or something like that).
Being able to be creative with my jewelry is just the motivation I need to start wearing it again.  Plus, I’ve kind of been a born-again Tori Spelling fan every since she featured me on her blog.  The icing on the cake is they’re offering you a chance to win $100 worth of the goods too!  More info. on that at the end of the post.
So here’s the goods on the Styled by Tori Spelling line.  The pieces are currently being sold at both Micheal’s and Jo-Ann’s (selection varies by store).  You simply pick out elements that you like, along with a few connector pieces, combine them with your bare hands, and you’re all set for a night out on the town.  I put together a small necklace tutorial below to show you just what I mean.
The necklaces are made of two basic pieces, a top section where it fastens and a bottom section that has all the pretty stuff.  Start by choosing a bottom based on the look you’re going for.  From these three, I chose the tiered gold design.  Click through for the rest of the tutorial and info. on the giveaway.
You can amp up your necklace even more by adding a pendant.  These are my favorite pieces in the whole collection and there are tons to choose from.  I went with the preppy pink enameled flower.


The next step is to select a top piece.  This is the understated part of the necklace so for the most part you just chose one with a coordinating finish.  Then you follow that with two connector pieces to join the top and bottom together.  I couldn’t resist adding just a little more sparkle with my selection.
Once you have your pieces, putting them together is super simple.  With the connectors I chose, I just pushed down on the bendable section (that’s the technical name for it, I’m sure) and then looped on the top and bottom parts of the necklace as well as the pendant.
Of course once your necklace is done you won’t be able to resist throwing together some coordinating earrings (or bracelet, or pendant…).
These pieces really were fun to play with and they’d be the perfect thing for a girl’s night in (whether the girls were 14 or 34).  While I was putting my necklace together I was also thinking this would be the ideal present for the kids to “make” with dad the next time a holiday or your birthday rolls around.  They would feel so proud about putting it together themselves and you’d actually have something cute to wear (that’s not made of macaroni).
As promised, here’s the info. on how to win a Styled by Tori Spelling haul of your own – hope an MPMK reader wins!
Styled by Tori Spelling has an upcoming Twitter chat to talk all about the line, including simple tips for style and fun ways to make the pieces work with any outfit! Please join us.
You can WIN a prize pack worth $100 during the chat!
  • WHEN: Wednesday, June 13th at 1pm PST/4pm EST, for one hour
  • WHAT: We’ll be discussing the {styled} by Tori Spelling jewelry line, with style tips and info on the four unique collections within the line (Glitz, Glam, Boho and Noir)
  • WHERE: We use TweetChat, go to the room here at chat time
  • HASHTAG: #toristyle
  • RSVP: Add your blog to the linky below to indicate that you’ll be attending

If you’d like to start tweeting about the line now, you can do so here.

 *Find my post disclosure here.
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