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Happy Friday everyone.  You may have noticed I’ve been playing around with sharing some of my favorite pins lately.  I wasn’t sure if I’d keep it up (it’s surprisingly hard to pick a few finds out of all my boards) but then Pinterest did something kind of wonderful.  They sent me an email highlighting my most popular pins.  So here are this week’s road tested and approved picks:

  1. Pretty fish station via my Design with Kids in Mind board – the perfect meeting of form for mom and function for the kids.
  2. Custom view-master card via my Fresh Finds board- loved these as a kid, would have loved one with me in it even more!
  3. 100 Best Children’s Books via my Good to Know board – need I say more?
  4. Mommy Fun Fact #17: Look Kids in the Eye via my Good to Know board – because there’s nothing like a good visual to help you remember something important.
  5. DSLR light metering tutorial via my Good to Know board- not sure if I actually have a lot of photography buff followers or if people just like the sweet photo.  Either way, it’s a good find.
  6. “Car”d Game via my Learnin’ board – a great play + learning activity.
  7. DIY fabric dollhouse via my Tutorials board – falls squarely into the “only in my dreams could I make this” category.
  8. 9 DIY Outdoor Planter Ideas via my Tutorials board – can’t wait to get started on some of these.

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