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POYEL: Decluttering the Small Stuff

After a week of vacation, it seems like it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life post around here.  So today we’re tackling more decluttering.  Last time we addressed the topic, I included a link up party and, to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I loved seeing everyone’s progress – it was just the look of the whole thing I pretty much hated.  It felt way too cluttered for a post on, well, decluttering.
Despite that little set back, I still thought our last installment was a big success (and don’t worry, I’ve got a new idea on how we can share this time around).  I also noticed that the posts garnering the most interest in the link up, as well as on the Getting Organized pinterest board, were those that came up with clever ways to address small trouble spots around the house (e.g. freezer storage bins, door hooks inside under-the-sink cabinets, and hanging bottles on a suspension rod).


Based on that info., today’s challenge is to pick a small spot in your home that continually stresses you out – the cabinet that you’re scared to open for fear of something falling on your head or the one you avoid because you truly have no idea what’s in it’s deepest darkest corners – and find an innovative way to make it more usable.  Use the above links, including Real Simple’s tips on clever ways to organize cleaning supplies, for inspiration and then grab some bins, a rod, or a lazy susan and get to work.


When you’re ready to share what you’ve accomplished you can do it one of two ways.  Either leave a link to your project in the comments below or upload a picture and/or link to the Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life facebook page.  As extra incentive, I’ll be pinning my favorites onto the aforementioned Getting Organized pinterest board, which has over 11,000 followers.


Can’t wait to see your ideas!


This post is part of MPMK’s “Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life”. You can read all about it here, check out all of our projects here, and join thousands of POYEL facebook group members here.



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Tracey Wheeler September 9, 2012 at 9:11 am

My dad used to tell us kids all the time that organization saved time; and he was a very organized man. Today, as a grandmother, I’m still an organizational wannabe. I have to admit, when I was reading your “opening statements” :-) I was getting excited about actually being able to do this! Yeah, I felt the letdown big time. But it was worth it. I never thought there would be other organizational wannabees! I always thought you either were organized or you didn’t care! Now I know better. Oh if I had only had this when I was a parent!!! (I’m sending this on to my daughter-in-law with two young VERY active children and four grandparents who send more toys than are probably necessary). But as a grandparent, who works full-time (retirement isn’t for another 9 years), cares for a mom with Alzheimer’s, has two big dogs, lives in the Midwest and has two children (one with grandchildren) on opposite ends of the country, well……..I HATE being disorganized because in the end it takes away what little time I have to spend with my children and grandchildren. I want MORE time with them!!! So, you go girl, and count me in!



Lisa September 27, 2012 at 1:26 am

I wasn’t surprised at the ending to your opening statement…It had to be just too good to be true! And don’t get your hopes too high, because even when the kids get older and out of the house, they come back with kids of their own and it gets worse instead of better…they leave things at your house, plus the grandkids spend the night so you’ll have to keep extra clothes on hand, plus diapers & wipes. Its a work in progress forever!!! Seems like the only thing that stays organized is the silverware. One thing I find helpful is to live with less of everything, less clothes, shoes, clutter…but that don’t last long either…after all who can pass up a good garage sale@



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