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Easter 2012 Aftermath

Now that Easter has come and gone, I wanted to remind you of this post from last year on exactly what to do with all those plastic eggs.
I also thought you might be interested in how our water bead eggs went over. Of course, it should be noted that due to their size they can be a choking hazard so please never leave them alone in the presence of small children who might be tempted to eat them.
This morning I let the kids break them apart over some big bowls set out on towels.  You can see they took quite an interest in them.
Once all the eggs were empty, the kids set to work foraging through the kitchen for some exciting tools to use (the rolling pin was vetoed shortly after this photo was taken).
They did a lot of experimenting and the whisk was a favorite because of the way the beads stuck inside of it.

Scooping with, and refilling, the eggs was also fun.  In the end, though, nothing could top the feeling of the cool gelatinous beads slipping through their little fingers.

And if you’re at all curious about which of my Easter basket suggestions the grandparents picked, we scored the crayon rocks, Ed Emberley art book plus stamp pad, the funky art brushes, the vehicle puzzle and even some additional supplies that weren’t on the list.  And I do mean “we scored” – in the last hour C happily put together what he calls his “mighty machine puzzle” while S napped and I wrote this post.

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Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky April 10, 2012 at 5:29 am

Huzzah! I was just going to google this very thing today, I bought loads of those plastic eggs with no real idea of what I was going to do with them. Thanks muchly.


Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life April 10, 2012 at 3:45 pm

The water beads were a hit with my kiddos and all of their cousins too! What fun! Even the grown-ups couldn’t resist touching them 😉


thismummaslife April 11, 2012 at 12:17 am

I love non-candy Easter basket stuff! We gave our son a basket with bubbles, giant chalk, clay tools, a little toy elephant (He has had an obsession with them lately) and some dried fruit. Unfortunately, the Grandparents on both sides gave him candy, but we will just ration it out slowly. (Some of it got sent to Daddy’s coworkers).


Alisha April 12, 2012 at 10:48 am

These water balls are brilliant! I am an occupational therapist and help children with sensory processing, and I had never heard of these! I am so jealous I didn’t already know about them. We put these in his easter baskets, as I saw you did in an earlier post, and he was ecstatic! I have also been using them in therapy for the kids I treat that are tactically defensive and it is wonderful because they the experience of a new texture without mess on their hands!

Check out my blog http://www.YourKidsTable.com for some ideas from a therapist and mom!

Thanks for the great idea!!!


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