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Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: Cleaning Schedule Questions

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We are young /
So let’s set the world on fire /
We can burn brighter /
than the sun


Can you hear me singing this to you?  Got you fired up to start organizing your ENTIRE life?  Wondering how in the world I’m gonna deliver on a promise like that?  Me too!  But I’m gonna give it my best, and here’s how…


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s going to take a village to get something like this done.  I’m happy to be your curator, your administrator and your cheerleader but I’m going to require a lot of help.  We’ll tackle the list one project at a time in a couple of steps.  I’m also going to be doing some mini-projects that weren’t on the original list but will help us out along the way (i.e. quick and easy breakfast ideas to start our day off right, etc.)


For the first post I’ll give you a little inspiration (see above) and lay out what I’m thinking will work.  Most importantly, I’ll ask for your feedback and resources on what you think will work.  Once I’ve gathered everything we need, I’ll post again with an action plan and materials (printables, excel sheets, a list of links, a Pinterest board – whatever it takes to get the job done).

Click through for my thoughts on our first goal, setting up a weekly schedule.

**UPDATE: The finalized Action Plan has arrived – Click here for Absolutely Everything You Need for Setting Up a Cleaning Schedule You’ll Stick To!**

A lot of you thought setting up a weekly schedule would be the most logical place to begin and I whole-heartedly concur.  Making a stellar meal plan and shopping list doesn’t really do me much good if I can’t figure out a good time to actually get to the grocery store each week.  (That might not seem like a hard thing to do for some of you but I have an 18 month old who, judging by the writhing and screaming that occurs anytime we enter a grocery store, actually thinks the shopping cart is trying to kill her.)


I think the key here is finding a way to schedule everything we need to get done without completely overwhelming ourselves.  (If I come out of this with 20 things to accomplish everyday on top of all the running around I already do with the kids, the music in my head is going to quickly morph from “let’s set the world on fire” to a very popular and not so nice Cee Lo song.)


Also, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.  Many of you have very astutely pointed out that there are some great sites out there completely devoted to these topics.  If you know of a site, a particularly on-point Pinterest board or, better yet, have a routine in place that’s already working – let me know.  Along with our action plan, I hope to include a list of the best resources around to help you get the job done quickly and easily.  Sites such as The Fly Lady and I Heart Organization have already been mentioned – any others pertinent to our first goal?


That’s it – its on you now.  Send me your good stuff however it’s easiest for you: comment here, post directly to the wall on MPMK’s facebook page (I changed my settings so you can do that now), or send me a tweetusing #MPMKorganizemylife.  I can’t wait to get started and see what you’ve got!P.S. For even more inspiration along the way, check out MPMK’s Getting Organized Pinterest board

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