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I’ve got something very exciting to announce: “The meal plan is coming! The meal plan is coming!”.  My friend Mel (who’s a healthy cooking rock star) is currently training and raising funds for Team in Training.  So I suggested she make a 12 week meal plan, which I’ll put up here along with a link where everyone can show their appreciation by donating to help fight blood cancer (completely at  your discretion and no minimum amount required).  Mel took the idea and ran with it, she’s putting together weekly menus, shopping lists, nutritional information and even how to make the meals gluten or dairy free as we speak!  Mark you calendars friends, March 1st, the meal plan arrives and life gets a little easier for us all (you don’t have to wait until then to support the cause though – I promise Mel will still share her nutrition know how even if she reaches her goal early).


But enough about meal plans and organizing for now.  Today I wanted to shift our focus back to the littles and share some posts from around the web that have really resonated with me lately.


  1. We all know developmental milestones normally occur within a time range – we all know it and yet most of us secretly think the back end of that range is a scary place to be.  This post speaks to that truth so well!  It’s a great read, especially for first time parents.
  2. Along those same lines – how to find every child’s “magic”.
  3. This post is short on length but big on impact.  Sneak Peek: the child is constantly confronted with the nagging question, “what are you going to be?”  courageous would be the youngster who, looking the adult squarely in the face, would say, “i’m not going to be anything; i already am.”
  4. Blogland’s been abuzz lately over the new book Bringing Up Bebe and the glimpse it provides into the way French mamas do it all.  For a great run down of some of the high points, see this post (I was most fascinated by the stuff on independent play).
  5. This is a nice summary on how and why to prepare your children for new situations using role playing.
  6. 10 really useful tips on how to “invest in the moments as they happen”.  It’s an excellent reminder that your kids will remember less about what you did together and more about how you did it.
  7. A sweet example that it really is the little things (via apartment therapy).
  8. Can you believe this only cost her $4 to make?!  The 3D cobblestones totally make it.
Finally, do you do anything everyday, occasionally, or on special occasions just to make your kiddos happy?  I’d love it if you’d share with us in the comments.


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