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Great projects for gardening inside when the weather's bad.  We're gonna try the terrariums this weekend!

Good Idea: Bring the Garden Inside

I’m so over winter.  Seriously, I feel like we’ve done the cold and snow thing enough already – I’m jonesing to get outside with the kids and start growing stuff.  Judging by the hail that’s currently pelting my backyard (and the snow that fell yesterday), Mother Nature does not share my sentiments.

On to plan B then.  If we can’t cultivate anything outside just yet (or at least attempt to cultivate – I’ve been cursed with a bit of a black thumb I’m afraid), then we’ll do it in the kitchen instead.  We could start simple with a few seeds and some pots on the windowsill but I’m envisioning something more interesting for me and the kids.  Something like this…



Have any of you ventured into the world of succulents or terrariums with your little ones?  I did a round up last year of kid-friendly Etsy container gardens but never actually found the time to put one together.  Something about this DIY Indoor Succulent Garden is beckoning me to make it happen this year (I’ll be honest, it’s probably the dinosaurs).  According to The Creative Mama, succulents are “the absolute easiest way to bring the outdoors in without much maintenance or thought”.


Sounds like a project that has my name written all over it.  If you’re digging it too (I know, I’m sorry), check out their post for a detailed tutorial.  Then click through for two three more easy projects (I know the pretty picture at the top of this post said 3 projects, there was a last minute addition – bonus for you!)


Along the same lines as a succulent garden, is the terrarium.  I enjoy the ship-in-a-bottle feel of these guys and I think the kiddos would too.  One of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie of Stephmodo, has a sort of on-going love affair with terrariums.  Check out her posts for tips on how to replicate her zen creations.


Of course if you really want to plant a few herbs, that can be a nice kiddo project too.  If you have older siblings around you could even put them to work making several of these interesting polygon paper vases.

Veggie garden sensory play bin for the littles (free printables too!)

And if you’re less concerned with actually sprouting something and just want a way to get the children prepped for gardening season, why not spend a rainy afternoon putting together and playing with my DIY Sensory Veggie Garden?


Will you, or have you, tried any of these indoor gardens?  Any other inside planting projects that went over like gangbusters with the kids?  I’d love it if you’d share with us in the comments!


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