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I Love it When You Try it!

Yesterday, in honor of MPMK’s birthday, I posted the top 10 posts of our inaugural year. Today, I wanted to take some time to point out what I love most about you guys. You don’t just read my posts – you actually try them! And seeing the fruits of your labor is one of my absolute favorite parts of all this. Below are five of my favorite reader attempts/interpretations of an MPMK project.

When I made my veggie garden sensory box, it was a surprise for my kids so they didn’t get to be involved in it’s creation.  I was so happy to see the well-documented enjoyment Pepper’s boys got out of every stage of this project.

Having my customizable baby play mat featured on MADE was my first big break so it still makes me ridiculously happy when I come across someone who liked it enough to try it.

I also love it when my readers take what they need from my projects and run with it, as was the case in this interpretation of my shaving cream Valentines.

Or, even better, when they use one of my posts as a spring board for a completely new creation.

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last.  This account of a reader’s doomed attempt to recreate my paint chip Easter egg garland, titled “A Crafty Train Wreck” is completely hysterical.



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