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DIYs Just to Make the Kids Smile - #1 is awesome!

DIY Projects Just to Make the Kids Smile

One look at The Make & Play Vault and you know I’m not one to shy away from a good DIY.  For playtime, for learning, for getting organized, for sprucing up the place and etc…. but how about DIYing for no other reason than to make the kids smile?  Isn’t that a lovely thought?  Today I’ve got a handful of projects which, while they may not revolutionize your life, your little ones will be sure to think are pretty darn special.


I love everything about the space on the top right above.  The lights, the privacy, the books.  But best of all is the ultra cozy/super cheap and easy DIY pillow mattress.



Inspired by a $145 product, Kendra of Southern Disposition got herself down to IKEA and made a stellar DIY version for only 15 dollars!!  Doesn’t it look like the most comfortable spot to do just about everything from drawing to napping?  My guess is even Kendra occasionally sneaks into her daughter’s princess fort and lounges on it for a bit.  (How could she not considering she’s currently reading War and Peace?)


Next up is this magnificent pulley Hetty gifted her daughter, L, for her birthday.  I feel pretty confident that every child who attended L’s party has been begging their parents for a pulley of their own ever since.



Hanging your child’s artwork on the fridge is nice… using it as permanent decor brings showing your appreciation for their artistic aspirations to a whole new level.  See this simple lampshade cutout tutorial as well as this more involved duvet project for the step-by-steps.



Finally, if you knit (or know of someone who can be coerced into knitting for a good cause) then you have to check out these whimsical hot air balloons.  The pattern is available here for only $3.


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