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Rainy (or Snowy) Day Projects for Bigger Kids


I know I typically focus on the younger set around here but, with Christmas Break looming, I figured you could use some ideas for the older siblings too.  What follows is a list of activities to thrill and entice kids ranging from first grade and up (although many will probably entertain your toddler as well).  Enjoy!

1. Every kid loves a magic trick, especially when they get to be the magician.  Set them up with this tutorial, plus a few supplies, and let them amaze you.

2.  Crafting with Popsicle sticks is sooo old school yet these DIY magnets have a very modern vibe.  Plus they’re a 2-for-1: part craft project and part puzzle.



3. These DIY glow jars require some adult supervision but they’re so cool you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

Click through for more.

4. This stamp carving tutorial is perfect for older (and artistically inclined) kids.


5. These DIY stories in a bag could kill A LOT of time if you make the kids round up all the parts themselves.



6. I had no idea there was such a thing as watercolor pencils.  Check out this post and then get some of your own – I predict they’ll get a lot of use this holiday break.


7. Some things are a classic for a reason: Easy Art for Kids – Paper Dolls, and Boats, and Flowers…

8. This fantastic DIY geometric art puzzle is fantastic in its own right and was also the inspiration for pick #2.

9. DIY hula hoop rug – just in case you have a pile of old T-shirts, a hula hoop, and space for a new rug lying around.
10. Finally, nothing beats a fort on a cold and gray day.  Built by Kids has some great tips on how to make yours extra special.


That’s my list.  What are you planning to keep the older kids happy this winter?


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