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Holiday Roundup

left: photo via unskinny boppy, right: photo via MADE
I got an email yesterday from one of my lovely readers, Brooke, requesting teacher Christmas gift ideas.  I’m a little ashamed to admit my first thought was completely self-centered as I realized I only had a day and a half to pull together C’s hard-working preschool teachers’ gifts (how did that happen?!).  Also, my camera broke yesterday (boo!).  Also, tonight was C’s very first Christmas Pageant (sigh).
As a result, I’m neglecting you a bit today to work on ideas and to pull some stunning photos from the web.  The good news is I’ve got lots of great finds over at momtastic to keep you occupied for now and the really good news is I’ll be back on Friday to share what I’ve come up with.  Cheers!


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