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Family Photos – Finally!

It’s been three years since the hubby and I grew from an “us” to a full-fledged family and I’m ashamed to say that in all that time we’ve never had professional photos taken.  It seemed like the timing was never right. I wanted to lose the baby weight, then for C to be walking, then for S to arrive and so on and so forth.

But no more – I’m very pleased to be able to say that thanks to MPMK’s newest sponsor, Carrie Stroud Photography, I now have a bevy of beautiful family photos to hang on the wall (assuming I can get my act together and buy some frames of course).

Part of the real reason I waited so long to call in a professional was because I knew it would be stressful.  There’s a lot that goes into one photo shoot: finding the right outfits for everyone, scheduling around nap times and feedings, and hoping the weather cooperates.  Add to all that the knowledge that (knowing me) I likely wouldn’t be doing this again for another few years and there’s quite a bit of pressure to get it right.

Despite all that, I’m so happy that I finally did it.  Carrie couldn’t have been more wonderful to work with.  As soon as we started she put us all at ease and was able to capture some really special moments.


One of my main motivations in setting this up was to finally get some shots with me in front of the camera with the family.  Happily, she got plenty of those.  This one’s even my new profile pic on the site.

But, of course, my favorites are the ones I’m not in.

Can’t beat those precious brother and sister bonding moments…

…Or those sweet daddy and daughter hugs.

Despite the kids not being super excited about being photographed, Carrie also did a great job capturing the playful spirit of our family.  I love this photo, especially in combination with this look book quote.

And I probably won’t be putting it on the Christmas card, but how great to always have a memento of this look (which I’ve been on the receiving end of more than once).

Thanks so much to Carrie Stroud for her lovely work.



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