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Help Determine MPMK’s Future

This photo probably seems a bit random to you. To me it perfectly encapsulates why I’m using today’s post as a poll about the future direction of MPMK. It was taken a few weekends ago at the pumpkin patch and when I saw it I couldn’t believe how old my kids looked! Where are my babies? And who are these burgeoning little people who have taken their place?
Just as my children grow, so too must MPMK. I realized that time is flying by and it won’t be long before mornings spent at home doing art projects will be replaced by school and sports and Lord knows what else.  And, to be honest, I’m itching to branch out a little.  As wonderful as it’s been to see so many of my ideas and crafts shared around the web, I’m feeling the site’s a little heavy on the “Messy Kids” and a little light on the “Modern Parents”.
I need to widen the scope of this space so I don’t eventually outgrow it all-together. To that end, I’m asking for your help today. Would you mind taking a few seconds out of your day and answering a single question for me? What new topics would you like to see MPMK start to cover?
I’ve listed a few ideas but I’m pretty open at this point so if there’s something you’re interested in, need help with, etc. – please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much!



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