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Handmade Halloween: Mess-Free Pumpkin Decorating

It’s become a tradition in our family for each member to get their own pumpkin on Halloween.  We usually hit the pumpkin patch in early October, then get around to decorating our finds a few weeks later.  (Which actually works out well because pumpkins become kind of a 2-for-1 family activity that way.)


So far the little ones have lost interest in carving after the first pumpkin, which leaves three more still needing to be decorated.  Paint is an option but it’s nice to have a mess-free alternative, especially for really young kids.  

Enter the glorious sticky back foam sheet.  This stuff makes for one fancy gourd, especially when you spring for the sparkly kind.


To use, just flip over your sheet and trace your shapes on the back.



Then it’s a simple matter of peel and stick.



Make eyes, mouth, and etc. for a traditional Jack-O-Lantern look.  I like this approach because these DIY stickers are somewhat re-usable, meaning you can make multiple facial features and have yourself a “Mr. Pumpkin Head” of sorts.



The other option is to go a little more free-form, which is C’s preference.  To go this route, either cut various shapes from the previously mentioned sticky foam sheets or just pick up some pre-made foam Halloween stickers.  There are tons of options out there.  I like Martha’s Elegant Witch Collection for sophistication and these skeleton kits for silly fun.


So there you have it, pumpkin decorating even my 1 year old can take part in.  Enjoy!
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