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Lots of good ideas here on starting birthday traditions - saving for later!

Starting a Birthday Custom

photos clockwise from upper left: Home & Harmony, Parents.com, giver’s log, Swiss Miss, and The Handmade Home


I’ve got a 3rd birthday rapidly sneaking up on me and, to be honest, I’m not feeling the party planning high I usually get around this time.  Maybe it’s because I feel like we just had S’s first birthday bash. Although, in reality, that was two full months ago. (Seriously, where does the time go?)


Or maybe it’s because of an awesome article I recently read in the current issue of Play Grow Learn about creating birthday traditions.  It got me thinking – this may be the last year I can get away with skipping a big party and not feeling like I’m shortchanging C.  So perhaps that’s exactly what we’ll do.


I’m really starting to warm to the idea of focusing instead on creating an extra special and memorable day with just our family.  And one of the ways I plan on doing that is by starting some extra special birthday traditions.  Click through for a few possibilities that are currently at the top of my list.


photo via Home & Harmony


  • Have a countdown – Doing an advent-calendar type countdown to the big day seemed, at first, like overkill to me.  I’m already worried about more toys invading the house without adding a bunch of extra trinkets to the mix.  But then I saw this lovely idea of filling each day’s pocket with a note from friends and family on what they love most about the birthday child.  So, so sweet. (P.S. if you have an older child celebrating a milestone birthday, then countdown gifts may be in order.  See this Make and Takes post on a very cool way to do it.)
photos via Parents.com and giver’s log


  • Incorporate a surprise – Everyone loves a birthday surprise and I’ve got 3 great ones to try.  First is this suggestion by Parents.com to sneak in at night and fill the special child’s room with balloons while they sleep (check out the link for other great ideas too).  Second is this idea to send your child a special corsage at school to wear all day long.  I love the reader story and the lovely corsage featured in this post.  And third is this hilarious doorway streamer project that allows the birthday kid to make a grand entrance to his or her special day.
photos via The Handmade Home and Swiss Miss (via A Cup of Jo)


Does your family have a special birthday tradition?  I’ve still got plenty of time to plan and I’d love it if you’d share!


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