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My kids can't decide which is cooler, magnetic silly putty or hot lava science

More Science at Home

I thought now might be a good time to sharpen up our science skills. (Plus, the last science at home post was a big hit.)  So today I’ve rounded up 10 more experiments sure to surprise and delight your kiddos. In no particular order, here they are:


#1 – 5: Reactions! Fun Science Activities that Fizz, Foam, and Pop!
My Pal Amanda over at Not Just Cute has five fun experiments to “keep kids enthralled and provide plenty of opportunities for learning through questions, experimentation, and play!”.  Head over for ideas on fizzy paint, film canister rockets and more.


#6: Cartesian Diver
Use this classic DIY sink or float toy to teach your kids about bouyancy and how the principle applies to fish and submarines.


#7: “Dinosaur” Excavation for Kids
Nurture the paleontologist in your little one with this clever archeological dig activity.


#8: Hot Lava Science
This DIY lava is a slight twist on the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano.


#9: Does it Dissolve?
A simple toddler experiment that introduces the scientific method and uses some critical thinking skills. (A good variation of the popular “sink or float?” activity from the first roundup).


#10: DIY Magnetic Silly Putty
Saved the best for last. Magnetic silly putty, what more do I need to say? (This one will take some special materials but it might be worth it for a DIY toy that will be a hit with kids of all ages.)UPDATE: Check out my latest round up of home science finds.  Numbers one and five are on our playtime short list for this week!


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