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Found: 10 Ways to Have Fun with Clouds

Lately I’ve noticed an abundance of cumulonimbus coolness popping up… must be something in the air (sorry, I’m ridiculous, I know).  Today I’ve got no less than 10 clever ways for you and your little ones to have fun with clouds.  Whether you’re looking for science, art, or just something fun to play with – I’ve got all the bases covered:


  1. Make DIY Clouds – Done in celebration of Eric Carle’s Little Cloud, these DIY clouds are a great sensory activity for kids of all ages. 
  2. Make Cloud Dough – What makes this stuff cloud dough?  It’s soft and kinda fluffy.  It’s also incredibly easy to make. 
  3. Paint 3D Clouds – This is another Eric Carle inspired activity.  I’m guessing your kiddos are going to love how realistic these painted 3D clouds turn out. 
  4. Perform a Miniature Science Experiment – All you need here are a few cotton balls and some tongs and you’ve got a precipitation lesson perfectly suited to a toddler. 
  5. Go on a Cloud Hunt –  This handy cloud classifying tool is for sale but it wouldn’t take much to make one at home. 
  6. Hang a Cloud in Your Room – Speaking of cloud classifying, how cute is this Common Cloud Types print? 
  7. Wear a Cloud – The perfect outfit for partaking in activity #5. 
  8. Make a Cloud Parfait – And the perfect indulgence after activity #5. 
  9. Hang a Cloud from the Ceiling – Surprisingly cheerful for something called a “rainy day mobile”. 
  10. Paint Abstract Clouds – Genius use of a loofah!
So there’s my top 10, which is your favorite?

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