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Top 3 Ways to Ensure School Success at Home

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Happy Monday everyone!  Before we kick off the week I wanted to let you know that I (finally) finished my post on the 12 things I want to teach my children every day for Bloom.  You can check it out here.


And speaking of teaching, it’s officially back-to-school time.  How did that happen?  With C starting preschool this year it feels like summer went by extra quick!  In the coming days I’ll have lots of goodies to get you and the kids ready.  Today I’m kicking it all off with some of my favorite reads on what you can do at home to ensure success in the classroom.


1) Make a Place for All the Stuff


This post on setting up a “gear station” for your kids is, in a word, impressive.  It takes having a designated spot for the backpacks to a whole new level.  My favorite suggestion is a white board listing weekly activities along with the forecast so the kids know how to dress themselves.  Be sure to head over for all the clever details.  Then click through for the rest of the goods.


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2) Pack a Filling Lunch

If there’s one thing that just about every parent dreads, it’s packing their kid’s lunch… every day.  The pressure to come up with something portable, healthy, and enticing to the kiddos is intense.


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Enter the Bento Box.  If you’re not familiar, the bento box isn’t just a lunch box – its a lunch packing way of life.  In the words of alphamom:


The simplest definition of bento is that it is the Japanese word for a boxed lunch. But if I were to expand the definition a bit further I’d also say a lunch that is packed bento-style contains a variety of different types of foods: carbs, protein, fruits, veggies and sometimes a small treat. The foods are selected to provide a balance of colors, flavors and textures.


That sounds boring, you say. That sounds like a lot of boring work.


Ahhhh, but there’s where you’re wrong! The fun part of bentos is that they are meant to be cute. And that cuteness delights picky little kids.


Not only does she do a great job of explaining the bento box, she has a stellar post on everything you need to know to get on board the movement.  Check it out here.


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3) Designate a Study Spot


Giving kids a special place to do their homework makes it easier for them to focus and get the job done.  For some inspiration on how to setup your own study spot, see this lovely roundup of homeschool desks by ohdeedoh.  (Also, check out a bonus ohdeedoh post on the topic here.)


What do you do at home to help ensure school success?


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