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Color Creativity – 5 Unique Ideas for Art Time

C is really into colors these days. (Sidebar: He learned his colors and numbers many months ago but he still often confuses green and yellow.  My husband and I have always thought it was kind of funny how those two colors trip him up then, this weekend, we caught my dad calling something yellow that was very definitely green.  Is there some kind of crazy hereditary color-blindness that only applies to these two hues?!)  C is so into it, in fact, that his standard crayons and paints are starting to feel a little stale.

Fortunately, several color-centric activities have popped up in my reader lately.  In no particular order, here are my top 5 finds:

  1. These Paint popsicles have to be my favorite.  Get a big role of butcher paper and I think this would be the perfect outdoor activity for all the kids in the neighborhood.  If you do have a creativity block party, I’d stock the freezer with the real deal too. My guess is that once the painting is through more than one kid will need a popsicle fix.
  2. Isn’t this melted crayon art (found via pinterest) cool?  Kids will love watching the crayons go all gooey in the sun and you’ll end up with a nice piece of art for a child’s space.
  3. Remember all those paint with water pages we had as kids?  Check out this clever DIY on how to make your own at home.  It’s the perfect mess-free activity for your youngest burgeoning artists.
  4. Although not quite as “out-of-the-box” as the other projects, I had to include this post on transforming dried out felt pens into liquid inks.  I just can’t resist a good re-purposing project – especially when it comes to children’s art supplies.
  5. Finally, this ultra simple color mixing idea shows that colors can be about science as well as art.

Do you have any favorite color activities you’d like to share?

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