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Book Week: How to Find Great Kid Books

Welcome to the official start of MPMK’s Book Week!  I hope you’re excited about it as I am.  As I mentioned on Friday, we have lots in store – reading lists, projects, reviews, giveaways, resources, and more.  There’s going to be so much good stuff that we’re switching it up and posting more than once a day – so be sure to check back often!  It will all culminate in a big announcement at the end of the week.  Ready to get started?  Away we go…
Sometimes the hardest part about promoting literacy at home is finding books that really captivate your kiddos.  There’s nothing more frustrating than making a concerted effort, packing up the kids and heading to the bookstore or library, only to find later that the books you picked are total duds.  Fortunately, there are several great online resources to help you bring home nothing but the best from here on out.  Here are three of my favorites:    
One Potato – So you’ve read every Eric Carl book under the sun, now what?  Head over to One Potato, an independent and secret little site that spotlights the best in children’s literature.  In the site’s own words:
Mostly, however, we are looking for stories, for pictures and characters that offer the possibility of becoming a part of your child’s (or your own) daily vocabulary. Little classics you could call them. If you ever hear anyone say “That’s like Chrysanthemum…” “Like Boliver Boggs…” “Like Home on the Bayou…” then those books have succeeded.
I was first introduced to One Potato via Cool Mom Picks.  Upon seeing it, I instantly feel in love.  The clean background of the site itself makes each book look like pure art.  Then there’s the amazing array of categories to choose from – everything from “First Books” and “What Does it Feel Like?” to “Planes, Trains & Garbage Trucks”.
The cherry on top is how convenient it is to place your order.  Just fill up your cart and check out directly through Amazon.  Head over and check it out today, you won’t be disappointed.   Then click through for two more excellent resources.

Blog Reading Lists – There are lots of bloggers who’ve gone to the trouble of compiling a list (or lists) of their most beloved kid books.  Here at MPMK we’re in the process of producing an entire series of reading lists organized by reader ages and stages and compiled by a soon-to-be doctor in children’s literature. (Hint: the second installment of this series will be showing up here later today). 
Two of my own favorite blogs have also recently published lists to help you find some stellar kid reads.  Design Mom posted her Top 50 Picture Books and ohdeedoh has this Mega “List of Lists” to Find Great Kid Books.
Amazon – Finally, parent hacks has an incredibly useful tutorial on how to use Amazon’s features to find books your kids will love.  The basic idea is to bring up the page of a book your child adores and let Amazon find similar reads.  The steps involved go far beyond just clicking on the “customers who bought this item also bought link” so be sure to read the full post for maximum effectiveness.
Do you have a favorite resource for quality kid books?  If so, please share with us in the comments and don’t forget to check back in this afternoon for post #2 of book week.

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