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Trash Diet: Top 10 Recycled Art and Toy Projects

I’m on vacation this week which means no trash and no trash diet progress to post.  Instead, I thought I’d follow up on my suggestion to use recycled materials for kid crafts and toys.  This is a great way to reduce your waste because it means one less toy (and one less box) that will eventually end up in the landfill.  Click through for my top 10 finds (we’re thinking of doing #3 up here at the lake house this week).

First up is this great post on toys you can make from recyclables at Frugal Family Fun Blog.  The above homemade rhythm set is my favorite but there are a few other cool ideas too.

Next are these recycled cars and tube people at The Chocolate Muffin.  I love that the parameters are pretty loose on this project so kids get to stretch their imagination muscles to come up with all sorts of creations.

This recycled shaker made of bread bag clips and a detergent bottle looks like something both C and S would really like (my kind of activity!).  This is just one project in a really fun series, “a book and a craft”, over at the crafty crow.

If we have an art motto around here it’s, “process not product” and this contact paper recycled sculpture is definitely in-line with our way of thinking.

These candy box cars look almost as fun as eating the candy.  Plus, the use of water bottle lids as wheels is so smart.

If cars aren’t your thing, how about this locamotive?  (Side note: this site isn’t in english – you can translate it but, honestly, that doesn’t help much.  I think the photos kind of speaks for themselves though.)

Playful Learning’s “junk project” includes one of my very favorite ways to re-use toys, making recycled crayons.  There’s some origami folding fun too.

If you’d like to gift some recycled art-toys, be sure to check out the paper friends series at the Etsy shop blancahelga (via Kickcan & Conkers).

These crystal crowns are the best use of saved 2 liter bottles I’ve seen in quite a while.

And finally, the fun will go on and on with the interchangeable and magnetic body parts on these can-do robots.  They’re described as the “metallic equivalent of a Mr. Potato Head”.  Forget the kids, that sounds like something I want to play with!

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