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Take Your Photos from Average to “Wow!” in 10 Seconds Flat with Paint the Moon

Last week I posted on photography tips for kids and mentioned that I would soon be trying my hand at Photoshop actions.  Today I’m back to share my results.  The actions I used were from a truly lovely photography shop and blog, and MPMK’s newest sponsor, paint the moon.


For me, Photoshop actions are all about taking the mystery and TIME out of using Photoshop.  As a Photoshop newbie, it can take me quite a while to edit my photos.  I often find myself with TONS of them piling up on my hard drive, waiting to be processed.  Lately I’m even hesitating to take more pics of the kids just because I don’t want to add to the stack.  This is terrible because my whole motivation for buying the fancy camera in the first place was to have lots of great pictures of them.


Because of this problem, I wanted to ensure that these paint the moon actions would make my photos look more professional fast (like “snap my fingers” fast).  So I put them to the test by only allowing myself 2 clicks to get from the “before” to the “after”.  Below are two examples of what I ended up with, one each of S and C.



I have to say, I was pretty psyched about my results.  I love the vivid colors and the way S’s eyes pop and C’s hair shines.  The “after” photos just make the “before” photos seem so flat and lackluster.


It literally took about 10 seconds to process each of these and the great thing about these actions is that they’re completely customizable.  So if I wanted to spend a little more time at it I could have played around with each automatic edit and the degree to which it was performed (on a sliding scale from 0 to 100 percent).


As I mentioned before,  this is a sponsored post and paint the moon was kind enough to provide me with a few actions free of charge so I could test them out.  Which is great for me, but there’s some great news for you too.  If you head over to paint the moon, you’ll find some of their actions offered absolutely free (and a few more if you “like” their facebook page).  Trust me, even though they’re free, these actions are still really cool.  In fact, they were the only thing used to process the photos above.


So head over to paint the moon and get started with their actions today.  I’m positive you’ll be hooked just like me in no time.  I already have more actions on my birthday list and I finally have hope that my personal blog will no longer languish untouched because I don’t have time to edit my pics.  (That sound you hear is the grandparents doing cartwheels!)


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