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How to Make Every Day Feel Like Mother’s Day

Yesterday I promised a post that would “make every day a little more like Mother’s Day”.  I’m realizing now that may be a lot to live up to but I’m still willing to give it a shot.




Let’s start with the biggest gift any mom could receive, a happy kid.  Over at momtastic I’m posting on half a dozen ways to keep your toddler busy and content – perfect for when you’re trying to get dinner ready and all your tot seems to wanna do is perfect his whining skills.
Making the kids happy during the evening witching hour is a good start, but why not try for happier kids all around?  I’m a firm believer that one of the best things you can do for kids is to make an effort to really connect with them each day.  (In fact, doing so was my only New Year’s resolution this year.)  Furthermore,  I think one of the biggest parts of connecting with children is learning to be a good listener when they speak.  To that end, Amanda at Not Just Cute has a stellar read on 10 Secrets for Adults to be Good Listeners.


photo via Bloom


OK, now that the kids are all set, let’s tackle the daily grind.  I don’t know about you, but for me there are two words that fill my heart with dread each and every day: “dinner time”.  It’s not that I mind cooking, I actually kind of like it, I just absolutely hate every other aspect of dealing with dinner.  For some reason, finding time for meal planning and grocery shopping (let alone actually preparing dinner every night) seems to be my motherhood Achilles’ Heal.


The good news is I’ve found a few sources that I think may actually be able to help me with my condition.  The first is Menu Planning 101 at Bloom.  Guest poster Amanda shares some invaluable tips on planning, shopping for, and preparing dinner.


The only thing Amanda doesn’t cover is what to make for dinner.  Luckily, Melanie at Trial by Trail has got us covered.  She’s got an excellent post on the Super Foods we should all be cooking with.  I’ll be printing it off to keep on the fridge tonight!


So the kids have transformed into angels and dinner’s all set – what’s left?  It’s time to move on to you.  Click through for some great resources, including how to look cute even when there’s no time for a shower.



photos via A CUP OF JO
If you’re anything like me, then one of the biggest perks of Mother’s Day may have been the simple luxury of being able to take a long shower and spending more then 5 minutes getting ready in the morning.  Sadly, I can’t really give you the time to languish in the shower every morning but I can give a you a few tips on how to make it look like you did.


  1. Check out the awesome hair tutorials over at A CUP OF JO.  They’ll help you hide the fact that your hair may not be freshly washed AND inject some fresh style into your daily look.
  2. If you find that your hair isn’t freshly washed on a regular basis, try out this recipe for home made dry shampoo from Petit Elefant.
  3. Finally if your hair really, really isn’t freshly washed on a regular basis, then here’s a tip from me to you: a little baby powder goes a long way in soaking up hair oils.
Now that you’re all spiffed up, you’re ready to grab some all-about-you time.  Moddern Kiddo has a great post on Making Time for Mama with One Night Out.


Hope this helps you inject a little of that Mother’s Day goodness into every day – enjoy!


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