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Got Bored Kids? Get Out the Camera!

I was recently part of a contest that required I make a home movie reviewing a toy.  Although I didn’t win, I had a great time making the video and, more importantly, so did C.  All week he’s been asking to see the footage and he cracks up watching himself on playback, in part because of the fast and slow motion effects and in part because he just thinks he’s a funny guy.

That got me to thinking about what great boredom busters cameras are (both the photo and video varieties).  I’m definitely whipping one out the next time it’s raining and C’s going stir crazy.  I’m already writing a list in my mind of stuff C would enjoy watching himself do – dancing, making silly faces, counting, ABCs, singing songs, and on and on.

And while we’re considering making our kiddos movie stars, why not let them loose as photographers as well?  Click through for my thoughts and some inspiration…


The first photo C ever took all on his own – a definite keepsake


I love the new crop of super durable children’s cameras that are putting kids behind the lens earlier than ever.  C got this one from my sis for Christmas and he thinks it’s super cool to take pics of all his favorite toys.  I think it’s super cool that the art of photography is made accesible to him at such a young age.  And, as an added bonus, being the one taking the pictures has made him more willing to occasionally be in a few of them.


photo via lilla a


There are also lots of great resources out there to help you get your kids excited about photography.  You can start with this list by Momtog of 5 things you can do to help your child fall in love with photography.  Then head over to lilla a’s Kids’ Photo Exhibition for some inspiration.  There you’ll find an uber sweet collection of pictures taken by children ranging in age and harking from 8 different countries.


Do you have any more ideas on kids and cameras?  I’d love it if you’d share them with me in the comments section below!


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