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Four E-Magazines You Should Make Time to Read

Do you guys read e-magazines?  I’ve resisted because, let’s be honest, the last thing I need is another internet distraction.  Never-the-less, I’ve still managed to stumble upon four pretty amazing reads.  I love that they go behind basic eye candy and provide some really great ideas for play… you know how I’m a sucker for that.  And the really great news is that three of them are free and you can get the fourth at a discounted price just for being a MPMK reader! 


First up on the list is modern handmade child.  At over 80 pages long, this one is more like an e-book then an e-magazine.  It’s overflowing with great articles on topics like how to organize your art supplies, stylish and kid-friendly wall art, and how to cure summertime boredom (just to name a few).  It really is a wonderful read and I encourage you to check it out.


Click through for three more great picks and that discount code I promised you.

Next is green child magazine.  As you can probably guess from the name, this one focuses on activities and ideas for teaching kids about the environment.  Along with great info. on teaching children about things like composting and sustainability, there are also green product reviews, crafts, and even a few recipes.


Tiny & little is a beautiful read full of dreamy photography and writing.  The women behind a few of my favorite blogs (Kickcan & Conkers and Childhood 101) contributed to this issue and I’m loving it’s dual focus – slow childhood and boys!  In the words of the editor, “It’s about allowing children the time to take things at their own pace.  Its giving them moments to pause, reflect, discover, think, imagine and create.”  How nice does that sound?
Last up is the latest issue of Action Pack from Kathreen of Whip Up.  It’s so fun to see the themes she comes up with for each new issue.  While tiny & little is all about the boys this time around, Action Pack’s “tea and sew” issue has the girls covered.  Although Kathreen did manage to sneak in a few boy-friendly goodies too (tea-bag rockets anyone?).  And as a special treat for MPMK readers – use the code: AP3ModernParentsMessyKids and get 20% off the already low, low price of $5.


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