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Awesome DIY Teacher appreciation kit - love the quote on the printable bookmark!

Appreciate Your Favorite Teacher with a DIY Survival Kit

Tuesday, May 3rd is National Teacher Appreciation Day.  That means you have less than a week to get your act together and find a nice way to show some love to all the hard-working teachers in your life.  No worries though, I’ve put together an educator’s survival guide that’s brimming with trinkets every good teacher could use.  And of course I’ve included a few free printables so you can make one of your very own.  Click through for the goods.


For some reason I get excited by office supplies in modern designs and colors.  Since I love them so much (despite not having a real need for them), I figured teachers probably can’t get enough either.


This sweet little notebook is perfect for jotting down to-do lists and lesson plan inspiration.  It’s also pretty stylish and only set me back 79 cents at Target.  I wanted to get a few markers in pretty colors to go along with it and was jazzed when I spotted a two-pack of pink Sharpies in support of breast cancer research.


Along with some fun supplies, every teacher can use a daily dose of inspiration.  I whipped up this bookmark as a reminder of what an important job they do.  You can get the template here – just print on card stock, cut it out, and you’re all set.

This bookmark was made for C’s toddler group teacher (Teacher Susy) so the message is intended for teachers of younger kids.  If you have older children, it would be a nice touch to have them come up with a message of their own for their teachers.


Lastly, I know a little coffee goes a long way for me in the morning and I only have two kids – imagine how helpful it would be if you had 20 – 30 kids to contend with.  I’m a big fan of Starbucks VIAs because they’re a cheap and easy way to get my fix in hurry.  I think Teacher Susy will enjoy them too.


That’s it – just gather all these things and stuff them into an envelope.  I used a 6 1/2′ square version from the craft store because it reminded me of a brown paper package.  The very last step is to adhere my special delivery label (print on card stock and attach with a glue stick).


I hope you enjoy this little project and that you’ll find the time to make a simple gesture of gratitude towards the teachers in your life – they deserve it!


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