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Easy idea for keeping your memories on display - great for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

A Quick, Easy, and Super Cool Kid Photography Project

I’ve been seeing lots of creative kid photography projects lately but this is by far one of my favorites.  Since I found this idea on pinterest by someone who got it from unnamed sources on flickr –  I don’t have an original source for you.  So instead of using the photo I found, I took 5 minutes and made my own.  


The process is extremely simple.  Just choose a picture with lots of open space on one side.  Then use your photo editing software of choice to add some text about your kiddo’s favorite things.  It looks best if you play around a little with the font size, alignment, boldness, etc.


You could also change it up for Mother’s Day and write all the things your child loves about mom or grandma.  Or, if you really plan ahead, you could do this every month for a year and make a calendar  – how much would the grandmas love that?!  Click through for another example and a tip on how to do this if you don’t have photo editing software.

Such an easy idea for putting your memories on display

If you don’t have something like Photoshop at your disposal, no worries.  Just hop over to picknik.  The process of adding text to your photo should be super simple.  And for more tips and tricks see my two favorite picknik tutorials here and here.



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