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Fun Ways to Make Tracks

bottom left photo via Tokketok, left photo via ohdeedoh.

My little man loves pretty much anything that goes vrooom – cars, trucks, trains, etc.  He has an extensive collection of them all that he plays with daily.  So for a while now I’ve had a few special road and track projects stowed away for a quiet afternoon. 

Well, it seems I’m not the only one with trucks and tracks on the brain.  While browsing the web over the past week I’ve found a couple more ideas to add to my stash.  And just like that a post is born.  Click through for the goods.

First up is Tape Escape at Sleek Identity.  Although very cool, I see this road tape as a bit of a luxury item for every day play.  That being said, this plus a small bag of cars would be super handy when traveling or vacationing somewhere that isn’t stocked with toys.
photo via ohdeedoh

For a more permanent option, may I direct your attention to this lovely room by Dobson and Vivian (via ohdeedoh).


photo via No Time for Flashcards

These last three activities are my favorites because they show that making the tracks can be just as fun as driving on them.  I love how Tokketok used craft paper to create a playground for trains, cars, and boats all in one place. (Of course my version won’t look nearly as pretty as this but I don’t think my 2 year old will mind much.)

This table top recycling center at No Time for Flashcards is great for practicing sorting and teaching your kiddos about going green.  All you need is a road and a few labeled color stations and you’re open for business.

photo via The Mother Huddle

Last is the homemade version of the road tape we started with.  I like The Mother Huddle’s version even better than the commercial product because it’s a completely open-ended activity.  Case in point, this one has a mini marina and an airport.  Head over to see all the clever details.

Got a creative track idea I missed?  Let me hear all about it in the comments below!



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