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Playtime Activities and Projects for Boys (and Girls).

Hickory Nut Sail Boats at Crow Roosters Crow.

This Friday afternoon is my big post for Celebrate the Boy (you can tell I’m excited because I can’t stop myself from repeatedly mentioning it in my posts).  And while I already put up this boy-centric post last week, I’ve still got boys on the brain.  This time I’m focusing on playtime.  There’s just one little problem…

Every time I write the term “activity for boys” my gut clenches a little and I think, “S would like this someday too – it’s not just for boys!”.  So can we just agree now that when I say these activities are for boys, what I really mean is that I think they will especially appeal to boys but girls are also more than welcome to join in on the fun?  Sorry, I know I’m being over-sensitive but I just can’t stand S (and other fun-loving little girls) being left out!
Rock crafts at Martha Stewart.
So back to playtime… I’m getting ready for a family vacation in Montana in a few days and this post couldn’t come at a better time for me (actually, when you read this I’ll already be in Montana, yay!).  I’m really looking forward to escaping to a cabin in the woods for some quality family time and I’ve collected lots of play activities to do with C while we’re there.  Click through for the goods.

photo via mini-eco.
Here’s a 2-for-1 fishing game at Mini-eco, a plastic version to be used in water and a paper version for dry land.
photo via Alphamom.
These exploding paper rockets from Alphamom were created for the 4th of July but I think boys would love them any day of the year.  They’re rockets that explode – is there anything about that sentence that doesn’t scream boy?
I found not one, but two, great crafts using recycled materials at Alisa Burke:
photos via imagine childhood.
Two year old C is probably a little young for these wine cork toys from imagine childhood.  And even if he weren’t, there’s 4 inches of snow on the ground where we’re headed.  Nevertheless, these handmade bow and arrow and fishing pole projects are so inspired, I just had to include them.
photo via Made by Joel.
Lastly, is this Cereal Box Marble Run from Made By Joel.  I picked this activity for it’s simplicity but lets be honest, I could fill our whole vacation with Joel’s ideas and projects.
After writing this, I really can’t wait to get to the cabin for some good old fashioned R&R.  Be sure to let me know if you have any other ideas for me while I’m there!


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