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Honoring Kids’ Artwork: Part 4 – Put It Behind Glass

This is C’s very first piece of art, created at his toddler group at age 1. It sits proudly on the mantle in our playroom.  Part 4 of this series is all about showing that your little ones’ creations are worthy of being protected.  Putting the pieces behind glass does just that and floating frames like these are ideal because they work well with art that’s not square or rectangular.



The above photo is from my living room and is one of the first things that visitors see upon entering our home.  A standard ceramic magnet sits in front of the glass and another goes behind the artwork to keep it in place.  This is another setup that’s great for those wonky pieces of preschool art, often layered with felt and tissue paper.


I have to admit, the installation of this display system was probably a little easier for me than it might be for you.  My dad owns a glass company so I just called him up and the next thing I knew screws were being mounted into the wall – thanks Pops!  Even if you don’t have an inside man, though, any local glass supplier should be able to do the same for you.  Read on for more great options.



Here’s a creative display of kid art in a shadow box from Dear lizzy.  Including the crayons in the frame gives it a whimsical touch and it blends in nicely in this keepsake wall.

A collection of hinged frameslike these would also be a good way to go for more standard sized pieces.

Finally, don’t forget about putting artwork behind high tech glass.  Digital photos of art make great screen savers on computers or flat screen TVs.  There’s also the digital frame option, which can be used to display several pieces as a slide show.

What do you think – is toddler art worthy of the glass treatment?

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