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What to Put in Your Art Tool Box

I’ve been drooling over some amazing blogs about art and play lately.  I look at these virtual Montessori Meccas and fantasize about daily art activities based on weekly themes for C.  Then S starts crying and I come to my senses.  But not having time to set up a preschool in my living room doesn’t mean I have to give up on art all together.
To make it more manageable (and to keep me more accountable), I’ve made a pact with a friend – we’ll do it together, about once a week.  We’ll go supply shopping together and our kids will love it and our Mother-of-the-Year certificates will surely be in the mail in no time.  I’m psyched!  But where should I begin??
At Pink and Green Mama, that’s where, because she’s already done the leg work for me.  She’s provided a very helpful post on everything I need to buy.  More importantly, she has some great tips on what to keep in mind to successfully make art at home with my toddler.  Don’t have a toddler but still want in on the fun?  No problem, she has a similar post for preschoolers and school-age kids too.


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Lena January 11, 2011 at 7:34 pm

Love this!! I really want to get myself organized and provide fun outlets for my girls, luckily I’m an art teacher AND my girls are quite young so I have time to plan these things out…but theway things are going now, I get lucky if I have time to shave!


Steph at ModernParentsMessyKids.com January 11, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Ha, time to shave… how about time to shower ;)


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