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How to Foster a Love of Writing in Your Kids

I can’t seem to get away from all things literary this week (see here and here), so I’m just gonna go with it.  When I was in 5th grade, I was selected to participate in a program called “Young Authors” in which I had about a week to write and illustrate a book.  Once I was done, I got to skip an entire day of school to attend special writing workshops at a local community college.  The experience left me extremely enthusiastic about reading and writing – a feeling I would love to instill in my own children.


To that end, one of my goals is to eventually set up a writing center at home.  Lucky for me, Mariah over at Playful Learning is somewhat of an expert on how to do just that.  If you’re also looking to promote creative writing at home, be sure to check out this post for lots of great tips on creating an area to, in Mariah’s words, “encourage children to write spontaneously for authentic purposes”.  Read on for more writing center help and a giveaway.


For guidance on how to use our shiny new writing center, I think I’ll turn to the write start.  This hot-off-the-press book gives parents tips on how to “develop a love for writing that lasts a lifetime”.  The author provides 52 activities, each broken down into specific age-ranges, and covers everything from first handing your toddler a pencil to writing rituals for middle schoolers.  She’s even giving away two signed copies of the book here (contest ends January 9th).


…and speaking of giveaways, be sure to come back on Monday for MPMK’s very first giveaway in celebration of its 1 week birthday!


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