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Honoring Kids’ Artwork: Part 1 – Get Rid of It

So now that we’ve armed our little ones with the proper art supplies, what do we do with their new creations? Get rid of ‘em!  Sounds heartless, I know, but remember for toddlers art is about the experience and not the product.  And even if your child’s not a toddler, there’s really no need to keep everything.  Don’t think you can change your pack rat ways?  See Minimalism for Moms for some inspiration.

Plus, you don’t have to throw it out – just give it to someone else who will honor it.  Your child will reach a whole new level of pride when he sees his work displayed on a fridge or mantle belonging to someone other than mom or dad.  Isn’t that the whole point of displaying kids’ creations?  So send that finger painting masterpiece off to Grandma and watch your little one’s eyes light up the first time she spots it in her home.

My favorite variation on this idea is to frame the art and hang it in the room of an existing or due-to-arrive younger sibling.  Here’s a beautiful large-scale example from Lonny magazine.  This shows big brother that he is a meaningful and contributing part of his little sister’s life.  It shows little sister that big brother cares about her (a useful reminder when she’s pouting in her room because he won’t let her play pirates with him).



And while we’re on the topic of giving away kids’ artwork, please take a moment to check out Aidan’s Monsters.  Purchase one of Aidan’s original works of art for you or a loved one and support his family in their fight against Aidan’s Leukemia.




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