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5 Things You Should Know About Your Library

There’s something almost magical about heading to the library and checking out your own books as a child.  Getting a library card is one of the first times our little ones get to experience a sense of ownership.  That alone is reason enough to become a regular but there are some other great (and surprising) reasons too – here’s a list of 5 resources you might not be taking advantage of:
  1. Getting Ready for Baby Kits – When S was due to arrive I went looking for a few books to help C (then about 19 months old) understand what to expect. It turned out the library had an entire kit for just such an occasion. It was a large box containing 8-10 books, a DVD, a baby doll (for practicing) and even a binder with some guided lessons. It really helped get C excited about his new sister.
  2. eBooks for Late Night Feedings – Sometimes a good read is just what I need to stay awake during those wee hour feedings. But being a new parent doesn’t leave a lot of time for repeated trips to the library. Thankfully mine has a large selection of books I can download onto my iPad (or other electronic device).  No traveling required and if I finish a book mid-feeding, I can start another with just a few quick clicks.
  3. Baby Story Time – Before actually attending one of these sessions I thought it might be a bit silly – it’s not like my baby was going to follow along and I could always read to him at home, right?  What I failed to realize is that baby story time was as much for me as it was for C.  It was a great place to get a refresher on all the little songs to sing and games to play with baby.  Plus, it was a fantastic way to make friends with other new parents.
  4. Toddler and Preschool Story Time – Story time for this age is not just sitting on the floor and listening.  It involves songs, games, crafts, and sometimes even bubbles.  The sessions are also very age specific – which means age appropriate.  Our library offers separate story times for babies, young toddlers, toddlers, preschoolers, and whole families.  The one we currently attend even has a theme each week (like a letter or holiday) that all of the activities are based around.
  5. Kid Friendly Computer Stations – The kid section of our library has a whole bank of computers with durable kid keyboards and games especially for little ones. It’s a much better alternative to letting C play with my laptop and it’s a great destination spot on a rainy day.
Of course the library’s biggest perk is that it’s free! So dust off your library card and visit soon. And be sure to let me know if I missed anything.


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