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Tired.  Who’s tired? Oh right, everyone you talk to?

We engage in lots of conversations at Prescribe Nutrition. The topics span the gamut but one in particular strikes us like no other, and it’s the one that impacts virtually every aspect of our lives: work, relationships, attitude and mood, sleep, and at the core, the ability to be our best selves. That friends, is our energy.

We’ve surveyed the thousands of program participants at Prescribe Nutrition and it’s safe to say that 80% of everyone we talk to reports ‘more energy’ as something they’d desperately like back in their lives. So let’s talk about it AND how to get more energy in your life!

Why so low? Well there are a number of reasons why we feel depleted.  Usually starting with one (or both) of these two:

  1. not taking in enough energy for what we are putting out
  2. taking in things that rob us of that coveted energy before we even have the chance to use it

Now there are a multitude of other potential factors at play – more physiological – but today we are talking things that are right there in front of you, most specifically, on your plate.

Simple recipes & strategies to stop feeling tired and have more energy throughout your day!

Image Credit (cropped & text added): © Grigory Kravchenko | 08.21.09CC by 2.0

Energy Stealers

1) Food

When we consume foods that are foreign to our bodies (think package, processed and preserved) we call on our bodies to work harder to figure out how to source those foods. Our bodies are like little factories. If something hits the conveyer belt that isn’t easy to digest or assimilate, additional help is needed.

Here’s an easy analogy – a typical healthy meal, let’s say grilled fish tacos, mango salsa and even a ‘lil bowl of strawberry pistachio ice cream, (recipe below!) takes about 4-6 hours to digest and as little as 12 hours to eliminate.

Now how about a fast food meal? Get ready because you’re not going to like this one… it can take up to 48 hours to eliminate. Whoa. Think that might rob you of some much needed energy? You’re on the right track.

So you know the processed, artificial and fake foods won’t serve you, but did you know that sometimes seemingly innocuous foods can cause issues with energy as well?

If you suffer from food sensitivities but don’t know it (more common than we’d like unfortunately), what will happen is your body will constantly be fighting a mini battle inside, and your energy will be what takes the biggest hit. During Get Balanced we discuss the topic of uncovering what food works best for you and how foods directly affect our stress hormones, our everyday life and overall health.

What to do:  Make friends with the food you put in your body.  We say it all the time.  The more alive your foods are, the more alive you’ll feel.

When you put good, whole, and fresh foods in – your body is capable of directly utilizing them as a source energy.  Get to know your body better by giving it a break from some of the most common offenders (sugar is top of the list!) When you pull out the ‘clutter’ you can listen to makes your body operate it finest.

2) Electronics

We know, bummer.   They’re so handy and have become part of our every day but did you know that the very energy that is emitted from electronics create a tap on our body’s energy?  Now we aren’t suggesting you go electronic free (gosh, what would we do) but to simply audit its need.

Not only are the electronic frequencies hormone disruptors, but the data that we ingest revs up our brain, prompting neurons to simulate. Any unnecessary stimulation takes energy.  The energy you need and want to laugh, love up your family, be productive and all that fun stuff.

What to do:  Just evaluate when and if.  If you find yourself picking up the tablet or computer for no reason, put it back down. Grab a book, take a walk around the block, or call a friend.  Do something that feeds you.  Heck, whip up a great snack recipe for the week.

3) Sugar

“Say it ain’t so.  But it tastes so good and ‘helps’ me through the afternoon, along with it’s BFF coffee.”  We know, we hear you. It’s tough to break up with sugar, it’s been there for us through the highs and lows. The problem is that it sugar is the #1 cause of peaks and valleys in our energy.

Sugar is the top inflammatory food and  taps our immune system. Did you know that when you eat refined sugars your body’s immune system is tapped down for 3-6 hours? Sugar is false energy.

Eating sugar is like putting jet fuel in your car. It’s the wrong fuel source for the engine and burns too hot and too fast, simply frying us out.  Plus, the highs and lows of sugar create the ‘need’ for more…more and more.  It can be a very addictive cycle that our bodies have trouble breaking.

What to do:  Make some great natural sugar friends. Have a date with dates. Get figgy with figs.  Sweeten up with honey. All have a profoundly less impact on blood sugar than the processed stuff, but will satisfy those sweet cravings.

What’s more, they are ALL found in nature.  Remember our motto: alive = alive.  When sugar is calling your name resist the urge by turning to foods that actually feed you.

Ready for some yummy recipes to help? Here you go…


Healthy Sesame Chicken Salad


2 servings

  • 5 cups mixed greens, romaine or your favorite green
  • Sesame vinaigrette
  • 2 mandarins/tangerines, peeled, in segments
  • 1 large carrot, peeled and grated
  • 1 stalk celery, diced
  • 1 avocado, halved, seeded, peeled and diced
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs, diced
  • ½ avocado, pitted and diced
  • 1 bunch green onions, sliced thin
  • 2 cups of shredded chicken (easy option – a rotisserie chicken shredded)
  • 3 tablespoons sesame seeds
  1. Place greens in a large bowl; drizzle sesame vinaigrette over greens and mix until well dressed.
  2. Top the greens with rows of each topping: mandarins/tangerines, carrot, celery, avocado, eggs, green onion and chicken. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the top, and cover with a final drizzle of dressing. Serve and enjoy!


Yields ~ ½ cup

  • ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 1 small shallot, peeled and minced
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
  • 1 teaspoon tamari or coconut aminos

Whisk together rice wine vinegar, shallot, sesame oil, honey, ginger and tamari or coconut aminos in a small bowl. Done!

Homemade Strawberry Pistachio Ice Cream - a healthy, clean-eating, warm weather treat.


4 servings

  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • ½ cup coconut cream*
  • ½ cup pistachios (meat only), chopped
  • *firm top portion from canned coconut milk, place in refrigerator 1 hour in advance
  1. Combine all ingredients, except pistachios, in a food processor or high speed blender and blend until well combined, about 1-2 minutes. Remove, add to medium bowl and stir in pistachios.
  2. Freeze for 20-30 minutes, then serve.

*Note that once it’s completely frozen you will have to let it thaw a bit before serving again.

 healthy spiced sweet potato truffles


Yields 12 truffles

  • 1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes, washed, dried and pierced with a fork (skin on)
  • 1 cup raw walnuts
  • 6 medjool dates, pitted
  • ½ cup gluten free rolled oats
  • 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil, melted
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa or raw cacao powder, + extra for garnish
  • 1 tablespoons ground cinnamon, + extra for garnish
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch of sea salt
  1. Preheat oven to 350 F and bake sweet potatoes directly on rack of oven. Bake until very soft and they start to ooze a bit, about 30-40 minutes. Allow sweet potatoes to cool completely. You can do this a day in advance and store in the refrigerator!
  2. Cut the sweet potatoes into large pieces, we do not remove peel but if you prefer to do so! In a high speed blender or food processor, blend the sweet potatoes walnuts, dates, oats, coconut oil, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt until the mixture is combined and similar to a dough.
  3. Divide the mixture into 12 portions and roll each your hands packing to form a ball – this will not work unless the dough is completely cooled, you may want to refrigerate for 15 minutes. Chill in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes until cool. Garnish after they have cooled – we love a mixture of cinnamon and cocoa powder.

 Who wants to win a Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop – raise your hand.  I have wanted a combo steam mop and vacuum for longer than I can remember.  Actually, scratch that, for pretty much exactly as long as I’ve had children.

Let’s face it, between food messes, art messes, and stomping in mud and dirt from outside, kids are rough on floors.  Which is why I was so excited when our latests sponsor, Bissell, offered up a couple of these steam mop vacuums to me and our contributor Alli as well as two for your guys!

Trying is believing when it comes to these things.  I thought the vacuum would be wimpy and our messes wouldn’t get fully cleaned. But I was wrong.  This is a hard-working, heavy duty machine that sucks up big messes (we’re talking large rubber bands) and leaves behind a spot-free, steam cleaned floor.

Read on for details on Alli’s experience with the Symphony as well as your chance to win!

We do a lot of crafts at our house. And I mean, A LOT.

So when I was asked to put the BISSELL Symphony All-In-One Vacuum and Steam Mop to the test on some of our craftier messes, I gladly accepted the challenge. Because, let’s be honest, my three-year-old son can make a mess to rival any other. And anything that can stand up to his messes, is worth its weight in gold.


To start, I let my son do some “cutting practice” which always results in little paper scraps in every direction. And next, I did something crazy. Wait for it…

I let him play with glitter.


GLITTER! Y’all. It pretty much gave me a heart attack. Glitter was everywhere. And the longer I watched him play, the more I became convinced that my floor would never be clean again. I had visions of finding glitter for weeks. On shoes. On the dog. On my eight month-old baby!


But before I started to panic, it was time to attempt the clean-up.

First was the old-fashioned way…dust pan and broom brush. To be honest, it was a bit of a joke. It worked fine on the paper scraps, but not the glitter. I kept sweeping and sweeping, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to avoid the dreaded “dirt line.”


Next was the BISSELL Symphony All-In-One Vacuum and Steam Mop.



I’ll be honest. I was a bit of a skeptic after seeing how poorly the old-fashioned method worked. But I’ll be darned if the BISSELL didn’t pick up everything in it’s path! I was actually kind of shocked. I had a perfectly clean floor.


I couldn’t have been happier because…

a) The glitter was REALLY gone. No more heart attack.


b) This meant that something could finally stand up to my three-year-old!

Y’all. This is HUGE. I’ve never had anything that could vacuum and clean at the same time. Two-steps in one is a big deal for a Mommy on the go.

And the real truth? I’ve never even put the BISSELL up. I leave it out in my kitchen because I use it every day. It makes cleaning up a breeze. Especially after mealtime.

I’d call that a SUCCESS.


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Mother’s Day is the perfect time to try a DIY project and I guarentee you’re going to adore this one. I want to make one for every mom I know! Here’s Alli with the details…

I am loving the “make your own mug” trend for two reasons:

1. There’s nothing better than a handmade gift.

2. It’s so amazingly EASY!

I mean, really. The possibilities are endless. I picked up one mug at the dollar store for this project, and I found myself wishing I’d grabbed a dozen.

I decided to go with a line from the Lorde song, “Royals.” You can call me queen bee…

To make, all you need is a mug and a Sharpee (or two). I went with black, and decided to add Read More

Mother’s Day is just a little over 3 weeks away, which means that if you’re looking to go handmade then now is the time to get planning.

Here are two of my favorite DIY projects from last year, both of which I put together for eHow’s Mom Channel:

Both activities are perfectly suited for the kids to help, or for you to tackle on your own once they’re in bed – enjoy!

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So how do you continue to get all of our parenting, playtime, organization, and recipe ideas?  Sign up for the MPMK newsletter!

You’ll get all of our best stuff plus exclusive content just for our subscribers, including a Free 6 week meal plan.

Most of us busy parents are on the look out for new ways to squeeze extra nutrition into our growing kids. Around here, we love using our juicer and enjoying fresh fruit and veggie juice, but it’s not really something you can grab-and-go (well you can.. but not without cleaning out a clogged-up juicer later on in the day).

Fruit and veggie gummies are our latest solution for getting good nutrition in small, portable doses.

Not only are the fruits and veggies filled with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, these gummies have the power of gelatin as well! Gelatin is a source of dietary collagen and protein- it’s anti-inflammatory, known to improve digestion, promote healthy skin/hair/nails and more.

Read More

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You know we can’t get enough of play dough play around here.  Today Amanda of Not Just Cute is back with everything we need to maximize the kids’ interest in play dough play as well as ideas on how to maximize the learning benefits of this fabulous art material.

Read on for the ultimate round-up of play dough recipes and activities!

Play dough is a staple of childhood. Like story time and hide and seek, it’s an activity that’s endured over the generations — and for good reason! In addition to being just plain fun, it’s an activity that’s loaded with powerful learning potential.

When kids sink their fingers into a squishy pile of play dough they’re getting ready to practice a litany of critical developmental skills. But don’t ask them about those skills. They’ll be too busy having fun to answer!

Here’s a look at the skills they’ll be practicing:

Fine Motor Skills

The hands are full of tiny muscles with a really important job. Gripping a pencil, holding a paintbrush, or wielding a spatula all require strength and control in this group of muscles. When kids smoosh, stretch, and roll their play dough it’s like hitting the gym for a fine motor workout! Adding accessories for kids to poke into the dough (like pipe cleaners, toothpicks, googly eyes) goes even further to work the hands in a different way, targeting the muscles needed for that all-important pincer grasp.

Sensory Play

As the hands work through different textures of dough, their hands are also picking up sensory information. Does the dough feel gritty, smooth, sticky? Couple that with the potential for different scents play dough can have and you’ve created a feast for the senses. (If you want to know more about why sensory play is so beneficial for young kids, check out this post at my site, Not Just Cute.)


Play dough is like a blank canvas. It can be anything your child (or you yourself, if you’re willing to play along) can imagine. It’s the ultimate open-ended activity, encouraging kids to think outside of the box and create something unique.

Language Skills

Many kids engage in an ongoing narrative as they create, building language skills in the process of building with the dough. Whether it’s an elaborate story, a play-by-play commentary of their process, or comparisons between the things they’ve built, they’re practicing valuable language skills. Descriptive words, along with comparisons (bigger than/smaller than) and positional words like “on top of” or “between” pack a powerful punch for budding linguistic skills and critical thinking as well!

Social/Emotional Connections

Perhaps the most surprising benefit play dough delivers is in a therapeutic sense. Most people find working the dough to be a soothing activity. The squishing and pounding can be a regular outlet for everyday emotional stress or a go-to activity for redirecting angry energy in the moment. Additionally, the act of creating, building, sharing, and working side by side with others is an excellent way to foster self-confidence and social skills.

There’s no shame in popping open a container of the store-bought stuff to give your child this powerful experience, but if you’re interested in going the homemade route (a process that has it’s own bundle of benefits if you let your child help out) here are some of the best recipes we’ve collected from around the web.

An excellent collection of homemade play dough recipes (especially love the Jell-O and calming lavender versions) - pinning for a rainy day!

Awesome Textures:

Funfetti Textured Playdough Fun {Childhood 101}

An Old Favorite with a Smooth New Twist {Not Just Cute}

Peanut Butter Playdough {MPMK} Read More

Now that it’s mid-April, we’re definitely due a Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life spring cleaning post… have you gotten started yet?  Yeah, me neither. But I’m given myself a free pass with the recent arrival of M to our family.

Just in case you don’t have such a convenient excuse, Kristin has rounded up for us some of the best FREE spring cleaning checklists around to help get you started.  Good luck!

  • If there’s anyone that can inspire us to Spring Clean, it’s Martha.  Stewart, that is.  It’s that time of year we get the itch to clean out cupboards, organize drawers and basically purge dirt from the house. So let’s start with Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist.  She has a printable checklist with an overview of everything we need to know about the proper way to clean and organize. (Surprise, surprise.)
  • There are some like The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking that say they LOVE cleaning.  I don’t know if I’d say I love cleaning, but Read More

Here’s something fun – MPMK is moonlighting over on The Home Depot’s site, The Apron Blog.  

Lots of helpful ideas on how to make a cleaning station for kids and get them involved with helping out - love the look too!

They recently asked us to guest post on some of our favorite tricks for keeping things fresh and clean with a new baby at home – a topic that’s right up my alley these days!

This DIY kids’ cleaning station makes it fun for older siblings to help out and I’m totally in love with both the form and function of this clever space.

How cute is this idea for keeping baby toys clean?  Such an easy 2 step process for keeping germs away after a play date!

In fact, all 10 of the ideas our home-life and playtime contributor, Kaley, put together are stellar (if I do say so myself). They include:

  • the oh-so-clever cleaning-themed new baby gift shown up top
  • the best way to clean a high chair
  • a genius two-step process for keeping baby toys clean, especially after play dates
  • how to naturally deodorize a changing station
  • the best plants to purify the air in the nursery
  • how to get nearly any stain out of a onesie

And more! Check out all of Kaley’s tips and tricks here and have a great weekend.

Need some great kid art and creativity ideas? Look no further. I’m super excited to introduce you guys to Rachelle today.  Her blog, TinkerLab, is an AMAZING resource for growing creative, innovative, critical thinking kids.  

What I love most about Rachelle is that despite her impressively intimidating credentials (has a Masters in Arts Education from Harvard, oversaw school programs at the San Jose Museum of Art, lectures on Visual Thinking Strategies at Stanford University, and worked on films with Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures – just to name a few), she also has a total knack for teaching parents how to get their kids thinking and creating using quick and easy-to-implement techniques.  

Today she’s here teaching us all about how to set-up invitations to createOnce you get the basics of this concept you can use it to set up an unlimited amount of art activities for your littles – which will come in very handy during your next school break or rainy afternoon, I promise!

Thank you so much for inviting me to share some ideas from our Creative Table with your readers!

Are you interested in raising your child in a creative environment? Could you use some quick and simple ideas for hands-on making that also encourage creative and critical thinking skills to emerge?

Almost two years ago, we started a series of posts on TinkerLab that introduce children to a limited number of inspiring materials as an invitation to create. We call this series Creative Table, and I’m excited to share it with you today.

What is an Invitation to Create?

This is essentially a carefully designed prompt or provocation to make something. One person sets up materials in an inviting way, and another person makes something from them.

You can think of this as a sort of game with just a few rules. Adults can step in to offer suggestions or ideas, but the child should mostly be encouraged to find her own way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Clear the table of anything that won’t be used in the invitation. Read More

Image Credit: © Suzette Pauwels (text & graphic added) | 01.01.11 | CC by 2.0

Are you a positive discipline disciple? If so, you’re going to love today’s post!

Another of my blogging buddies, Amanda from Not Just Cute, is stepping in while I continue on maternity leave and she’s sharing a wonderful method for dealing with problem behaviors in a positive and effective manner… And make sure you don’t miss the extra-helpful printable for trying the techniques out in your home.  

If you’ve been a reader here for a while, then you probably recognize Amanda – she’s my go-to parenting resource.  Her blog on intentional whole child development is a fantastic resource for parents and I highly recommend you visit (and bookmark) it today!

“I’ve told him a million times!”

It’s an exasperated complaint I’ve heard frequently from both parents and teachers of young children. They’ve corrected a behavior again and again, and yet it persists. The only change that seems to be occurring is the increase in the adults’ blood pressure!

It seems like willful disobedience. (Or at best, a frustrating case of amnesia.)

But let’s take a look at a few things that will change your perspective and help you make actual progress when you find yourself in a similar situation.

First, a little perspective.

What has it been like for you to change your own behaviors? Personally, I know I’ve been told “a million times” that all I have to do to get into the best shape of my life is to hit the gym at 5 am and stop hitting the chocolate chips at 5 pm.

Simple, right? I mean, I have been told “a million times”, so I should just be able to do it.

But for some reason, I’m quick to hit the snooze on my alarm and slow to put down the chocolate when that familiar craving hits. Read More

I love Easter.

One of the reasons I love it so much is that it heralds the arrival of spring. And after this winter, I think most of us could use a little spring.

(I won’t lie – I love the chocolate too).

Plus, my little girls love all things related to rabbits and baby chicks.

These eight titles are perfect additions to your Easter collection,whether you buy them or check them out from the local library: Read More

Up-cycled or recycled planters are the perfect Earth Day activity for kids, which is coming up April 22nd (only 2 days after Easter so don’t blink and miss it).

It incorporates two earth-friendly activities – up-cycling AND planting – plus this particular version involves goggley eyes and what kid doesn’t love those?

Check out my full tutorial over on eHow’s Mom Channel.

For More Earth-Friendly Kid Activities, Check Out:

I’m so happy to have Jenna from Small Fry here today while I continue on my maternity leave.  

Small Fry is such a fresh, clean, inspiring site for modern mamas – I totally adore their craft ideas, recipes, and product recommendations… It’s a definite must-read!

Hi MPMK friends! I’m SO excited that Stephanie asked me to guest post for her while she’s away. This is such a beautiful space and I love reading MPMK daily!

I blog over at Small Fry, which is a children’s lifestyle blog… come and visit us some time.

As a busy mom of two boys, I find it really difficult to come up with new ways to get our family to eat different foods. We are dairy free in our household due to allergies so that adds to the challenge.

One very simple way I have found to get my kids to try new foods is to make them fun, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Read More

With Easter just a few weeks away, it is the perfect time to start thinking about Easter baskets! I usually try to keep the basket pretty simple, stay away from candy and sweets, and instead include art supplies or other creativity-boosting materials. This year, I will be including my daughter’s all time favorite play dough, and a fun play dough mat to go with it.

This took me just about an hour to make (including making the play dough), only cost a few dollars, and will keep her entertained for hours. And the best part is there will be no post-Easter sugar crash from too much chocolate. Read More

Image Credit: © Suzette Pauwels (text added) | 01.09.11 | CC by 2.0

Today I have something uber useful for you guys – a bedtime post from Jillian of A Mom with a Lesson Plan (a great site you really should check out if you’re not already familiar).

I’ve posted Jillian’s game-changing, quiet-time-before-bedtime idea on MPMK’s facebook wall a few times and have always gotten a huge response.

Today she’s here to expand on the idea and share her favorite pre-bedtime quiet activities broken down into categories for toddlers, preschoolers & kindergartners, and school-aged kids.

A couple of years ago we were searching for a way to get our kids to go to bed without a fight. By the end of the day, everyone is tired, everyone is ready to unwind and everyone needs some downtime.

The technique we found allows the kids to have quiet time before they go to sleep. We call it “rest time” at our house and it has been a game changer for us.

With quiet time the kids get a chance to play on their own and reflect on their day. It’s turned out to be a really neat way for them to connect as siblings as well. The added bonus? Adult time before we are too exhausted to enjoy it.

Finding activities that are relaxing, able to hold little one’s attention and inspire independent play can be challenging.  Over the past couple of years we have found some great activities perfect for quiet time and I’m happy to be here today sharing our favorites.

Quiet Time Activities Perfect for Toddlers

  • Sorting Colors – Lay out different colors of construction paper. Before you leave the room place one object of a matching color onto the paper. You never know what type of color matching activity this might inspire!
  • Busy Bags – Have a container full of fun and easy busy bag items in your child’s room. Try to keep only 2 or 3 activities in there at a time and rotate them every couple of weeks. This will keep your little one from being overwhelmed and ensure there is always something “new” offered. Read More